All people from Malta Comic con 2019

MALTA COMIC CON 2019: ”Your home, your place to shine”

I heard about it before attending, ”Malta’s Convention is a funny one” , they use to say.

A fair truth from the first till the last word.

Malta’s is a different one, maybe it’s not the bigger in size or attendance but one thing it’s true. Since the very moment you step the island you’re surrounded by smiles. Each and everyone of the organizers are, like British use to say, happy to help and, when I say happy, I should say, really happy.

Those smiles are contagious so, in short time, each and every guest or attendant is smiling too.
Even  the actors and actresses invited, has become persons, with this I mean, they have been close enough to every guest, joining parties and minitravels.

Dozens of very talented artists have attended to the venue, thanks to everyone of them for being like they are, it would have really great to have a little more time to share with them.

On other matter of things, I promise to take part in the karaoke party if there’s the chance.

It’s been a great large weekend, I’m really happy that we, my wife and I, have become part of the Malta’s Comic Con family, hopefully this relation will continue in time. Can’t wait to step the island again!