Me at FACTS 2017

Spring FACTS 2017: A big gathering of friends

It’s been “in fact” a big reunion.

Meeting people I never met before as “the crew”, always ready to help, and a big batch of artists, lead by the “Italian Dream Team” and some of their wives, has been definitely great.

Thousands of people attending the event, in its major part disguised, incredibly well disguised, I must say, all of them carrying a big smile on their faces, well, the ones you can see. Thousands of wishes, as finding something special or meeting someone, getting some signatures a photo or a sketch, make them get out the city and visit the Expo. At it’s end, thousands of tired but even more happy faces were dripping out the palace, carrying, well protected, some treasures that will remain with them the rest of their lives.

Thanks to each and everyone who made this spring FACTS 2017 possible.

Here you will find some of the commissions and sketches I have made for this event