At the Comiciade 2018

It has been a pleasure being part of Comiciade 2018.

Mi first contact with this year Comiciade was friday in a primary school. Despite the language barriers, the children have learned how to draw Angry Birds. It was a great experience also for me.

And when it started , I was busy sketching non-stop till it closed. And I could not be happier! The joy of old and new fans receiving the sketches is something that keeps me going on.

I was so busy that I could not visit any stand, but as far as I heard, the whole thing has been a success. Also, the new venue’s place, “Alten Schlachthof”, has worked properly too.

It has been great to meet again my old friends from Comiciade’s Staff, you made a great work in here.

As my german friends would say: “Ich freue mich auf die nächste Comiciade!”.