About me

I was born and rise in Santa Eulàlia, l’Hospitalet del Llobregat (Barcelona) in mid-1963.

I studied Biology at UB (University of Barcelona) and, at almost the same time, I joined the Education Department of Barcelona’s Zoo.

My career as an artist started when I was 19, having the chance of drawing on several wildlife books: encyclopaedias, for the Zoo itself and for the Barcelona’s Science Museum.

When I was 30, a new door was opened to me because I was offered to do a test for drawing Sonic the Comic (UK) and also to do the inking of one of the biggest Donald Duck artists, Daniel Branca.

Luckily, I was picked for both, and everything changed at this point.

In a short period of time, I became one of the top inking artists all over Europe. In these times, I was combining my work as an inker with my pencil jobs, mainly creating covers for US magazines and drawing storybooks.

At these times, I joined Disney’s Office in Paris, specially inking their Style Guides and Colouring Books batches. Because of this, I ended drawing Sleeping Beauty and Bambi Style Guides for Disney Madrid.

Except for designing the graphisms of a couple of Restaurants, one of them ruled by Albert Adrià (one of the very top cooks in the world), I’ve been designing and inking for editors all over the globe.

My adaptability to different styles has allowed me to become an approved artist for a major part of the big Licences. For them, I’ve been designing books, magazines, merchandising and almost everything you can imagine.

I expect the works shown on this website will help you to know me better.

I also expect to have the chance of meeting you whilst attending a convention. I like to be part of them because it is the only way that I can set a face to the people who are on the “other side”

Thanks for visiting.

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